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A Creative Writing Workshop

A Creative Writing Workshop

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A Creative Writing Competition

A creative writing Competition will be held at DWU during the second week of the Semester Break (26th-30th June 2023). This competition will take the form of a workshop that will be held every morning from 8.30 to 10.30. It is open to everyone: students, staff members and their family. This is an educational yet entertaining activity.

Contact/Facilitator: Professor Nicolas Garnier ( ngarnier@dwu.ac.pg)
Venue: Room 305 FASS Building
Two themes were selected :
- “My dream for my family”
- “My student’s life at DWU”

  • The sessions will start with a discussion about the importance of expressing oneself and using literature as an expression of freedom. The organizers will assist and accompany participants in finding an exciting mean of expression; essay, poetry, a mix of writing and visual arts.
  • All languages are welcome: English, Tok Pisin, one of the multiple languages spoken in Papua New Guinea or a mix of these languages.
  • A certificate of participation will be delivered to each participants.