CLT - Workshops & Resources

These workshop and resource course pages are study programs directly aligned to CLT's operational plans and support services for DWU academic teaching and learning activities.

Our workshops are generally aligned into the four areas;
  • Literacy programs
  • Numeracy programs
  • Personal & Professional Enrichment programs
  • Moodle training and support
And then you have;
  • Other educational technology training for staff/students.
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Open educational resources (OERs)

Feel free to look through the resources if you're interested or planning to take the program. A few of these programs have guest access to them and you can view resources without enrolling. Others, you may be required to enroll to attend the workshops.

We have also shared some OERs from other universities through a non-cc share-alike license for student self-study. Feel free to view and use the resources for your own learning and development.

There are two categories; Staff Support and Student Learning Hub
If you are a staff than expand the staff link or if student than check under the student link.
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Academic Policies & Guides

This serves as a portal to access academic policies and guides that you as a student need to be aware of. These policies guide the teaching and learning environment.